Press Release

Saturday night debut

DENVER, CO –The Colorado Blizzard Saturday night debut results in a 10 – 2 victory over Detroit WAZA FLO for our Major Arena Soccer League 2 (M2) expansion team.

The East conference matchup began with an exciting and hard fought first half, yielding only one (1) GOAL for each side. Opening Day adrenalin and the first ever game time in
the Historic Denver Coliseum venue may have contributed to many missed scoring opportunities for the Colorado Blizzard in the first half.

The Blizzard arrived In the 3rd Quarter, as suffocating Defense and an eight (8) GOAL production level held the
WAZA FLO side to a single GOAL.

Man of the Match was given to Goal Keeper Jarod Thomas, with fourteen (14) SAVES, allowing the WAZA FLO zero (0) GOALS in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

TEAM EFFORT: Six (6) players contributed to the GOAL count, 70% clearly assisted.
Four (4) players Tony Avery, Stibe Torres, Andrew White and
Luke Burgard scored twice, as Jay Hamilton, Yves Fru added one (1) each.
Ryan McAleer and Tony Avery lead the assist column with two (2) each.

Toys For Tots Wish List

Most Needed Items

 Wireless Xbox 360 Controller – highly needed

 Xbox 360 Games that do not require the use of the Kinect sensor (no “M” rating, please) – highly needed

 Crayons (4 – 8 crayons per pack) – highly needed

 Nerf basketball h oops

 Markers

 New Release DVD’ s for all ages (no “R” please) – English and Spanish

 Popular Disney DVDs (Bolt , Cars, Princess & the Frog, Tinkerbell, etc.)

 Gift Cards to Target, Wal – Mart, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, iTunes, Michaels, Hobby Lobby (any amount)

 Medical play k its

 C batteries

 Button batteries

 Glue

 Playing cards & Uno

Items For all Ages

 Crayons & colored pencils

 Play dough

 Journals

 Sensory toys (tactile, vibrating, etc . )

 DS gaming systems

 DS games (no “M” rated games)

 Push button books

 Bead kits

 Craft kits

 Dry Erase boards & markers

 Search and Find Books for all ages ( i.e. I Spy , Where’s Waldo, etc)

 Lift and Look (“flap”) books

 Fuzzy felt posters

Newborns, Infants, and Toddlers

 Plastic & washable mobiles

 Shape sorters

 Rattles & teethers

 Stacking ring s

 Light – up & musical toys

 Music & activity boxes that attach to a crib

 Little People play sets

 Extra Little People and animals

 Crib mirrors

 Riding and push toys

 Boppy pillows and c overs

 Swings

 Bath toys

 Lullaby CD’s

 Board books

 Fisher Price baby gym

 Excersaucers

 Blocks and building sets

 Spanish light – up/musical toys

 Spanish book

School – Age Items

 Littlest Pet s hop

 Lego Kits and Bionicles

 Lego kits for girls

 Play plastic animals/bugs/dinosaurs

 Art Kits and/or stickers

 Jumbo action figures

 Sports equipment

 Nail polish

Teen and Adult Items

 Sports Teams logo wear

 Teen DVD’s

 Ear buds/headphones

 Yoga mats

 Game Stop gift cards

 Sephora gift cards

 Xbox One Games

 Play Station 4 games

 Lego sets

 High quality sketch pads and pencils

 Nail polish

 ITunes gift cards

 iPods

 iPod docking station

 Wireless Xbox 360 controllers

 Xbox 360 games that do not require the use of the Kinect sensor (no “M” rating, please)

 Crayons ( eight crayons per pack)

 New Release DVDs for all ages (no “R” please) – English and Spanish

 Popular Disney DVDs

 Medical play k its

 Playing cards & Uno

 Light up & musical toys

 Sensory toys (tactile, vibrating, etc . )

 Push button books

 Coloring books

 Sticker activity b ooks

 Stickers

 Crayola color wonder k its

 Search – and – find books for all ages

 Board books

 Little People play s ets

 Spanish light – up /musical toys plastic cars & t rucks

 Blocks and building sets

 Plastic animals (zoo, farm, dinos, etc)

 Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

 Hot Wheels

 Electronic handheld games (Yahtzee, Bop It, Tetris, etc . )

 Brain/mind teaser games (Rubix Cu bes, puzzle balls, etc . )

Colorado Blizzard Sports, LLC.

Colorado Blizzard Sports, ltd.
October 29, 2017

Announcing Colorado Blizzard Youth Development Castle Rock, CO –The Colorado Blizzard Sports franchise mission includes being Ambassadors of
Soccer, and contributing to our community and youth soccer development. As an expansion team in the Major Arena Soccer Development League (M2), we are excited about the future for the Blizzard and want to get started with outreach and education initiatives for Youth straight away. Colorado Blizzard Sports LLC announced today the formation of a youth development focused
organization to carry out the vision of the Ownership group. A Delaware Corporation, filing for 501( c)-3 status, will fund raise and revenue share in Colorado Blizzard events as “Colorado Blizzard Youth Development”

Colorado Blizzard player personnel and staff are eager to carry out our mission to be Ambassadors of Soccer, and support youth development in Soccer as well as charitable efforts in our Denver Metro Community. We have formed this non-profit entity for the purpose of providing resources to bring soccer training to groups of children that cannot participate in camps and clinics for financial reasons.

Local organizations such as Children’s Hospital, Boys and Girls Clubs, Special Olympics and Metro area public Recreation Departments have been contacted to develop Events like Soccer Clinics and Blizzard Player appearances at organization facilities or events during the course of the MASL Season.

For more information about Colorado Blizzard Youth Development contact ## Colorado Blizzard Sports, LLC ## Colorado Blizzard Sports LLC is the ownership group for a Major Arena Soccer League expansion team, currently a member of the M2 division that is playing the 2017/18 season in the Historic Denver Coliseum. Visit CoBlizz or M2soccer for more information.